As a company with many years' experience in the production of paper cores, we always keep an eye on your requirements. Our goal: Your satisfaction. In order to be able to offer you the best possible results and solutions, we provide comprehensive service.

Winding pressure measurement

So that we can offer you the optimum paper core for each application, we carry out intensive winding pressure research. First of all we measure the actual radial pressure on your winding systems. We then reproduce this radial pressure and measure the internal deformation of the paper core. These measurements give us a good basis for optimising our paper cores for you according to your requirements. Through the winding pressure measurement, sources of errors can also be identified in the winding process, which are not due to the paper core. Furthermore, we carry out long-term tests, climate tests and setting optimisations on the winders. As a result, you are not the only party to profit from our knowledge, machine manufacturers do too.

Cutting centre

As a film and foil manufacturer and processor, you know it best: A paper core is only as good as its clean and dust-free cut. A matching paper core and cutting machine is critical for a clean cut. So that paper core and cutting machine harmonise, many factors must match – from the types of knife to sharpening and the speed of rotation. At Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard we help you find the right cutting machine for your paper cores.

Do you want to perform a practical test on cutting machines for your paper cores? Then visit the Paul & Co cutting centre in Wildflecken.

Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI) System

We focus on service. Best example: Our Vendor-Managed-Inventory System. With this, we provide you with individual reporting and a seamless look at all processes through a specific online portal. While standard VMI systems are based exclusively on stock and consumption notifications, we also offer you an RFID-based VMI. The advantages: Reduced costs, optimal quantities of goods, permanent stock-taking.

With our automated stock management system, which is managed entirely by us, we ensure efficient stock management in your warehouse. How does this work? Together with us, you specify the target and minimum stock levels; our customer advisors then independently manage your stock levels within these limits. As the customer, you profit from a falling error ratio and reduced costs, as well as from the fact that inventory dates become almost superfluous.


Would you like more information about our paper cores and edge protector solutions? Brochures, flyers, certificates and our logos can be found in the Download area.