We offer you a large selection of paper cores for films and foils and flexible packaging in various qualities and combinations. We therefore take the seemingly unlimited variety of plastic and metal films and foils and technical foils into account. We use all our know-how in the development and production of these paper cores. Whether standard paper cores with high strength or specially-dried GUK paper cores: The possibilities are almost limitless. This allows us to supply you with paper cores for films and foils and flexible packaging in custom-made qualities and in precise and constant dimensions.

Standard-Paper cores


Our standard paper cores are available in all required dimensions and strengths. This is a given for all paper cores for consumer, packaging, stretch, construction or agricultural films.

Your benefits:

  • Large selection
  • Variable strengths and dimensions


Each winding procedure places different requirements on a paper core. A precise analysis of the winding procedure is all the more important. We are pleased to support you with this. Our goal is to supply you with the best possible product for your requirements. Which is why we carry out intensive winding pressure research in order to optimise our paper cores. One result of our research is the paper core type K. Thanks to their special design, the paper cores type K counter the radial forces of wound plastic films in a particular way: They absorb the winding pressure of the films and foils and thus withstand the strains better and longer.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal paper cores for every application
  • Support when ruling out sources of errors in the winding process
  • Strength, also under high strains
GUK-Paper cores


Both PE and PP films and foils and coated papers place high requirements on paper cores. Ideally you should therefore use our spirally wound cores with smooth surface without winding gap.

Your benefits:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Optimum price-performance ratio


Are you looking for paper cores with a seamless and smooth surface for polyester or copper foils or for use in clean rooms? Then go to the area "smooth, refined, pristine" at Paul & Co.

FS-Paper cores


In our FS paper cores, we use holohedrally or spirally applied pressure-sensitive adhesive. In this way, firstly we prevent interfering markings on your product in the initial winding. Secondly, this allows smooth and automatic flying splice and conventional adhesive tapes can be omitted.

Your benefits:

  • Smooth and automatic flying splice
  • No disturbing markings on the rolled materials in the initial winding
HKB-Paper Cores


Our HKB paper cores are particularly suitable for the automatic start-up winding of thin films and foils. Together with you we work out the optimal adhesive strength for your films and foils and then adjust the adhesive strength of our paper cores according to your rolled materials.

Your benefit:

  • Individually adjusted adhesive strength
AR-Paper cores


Our start-up winding support AR is particularly suitable for thin, smooth films and foils. The paper core supports an automatic flying splice – without any pressure-sensitive adhesives or adhesive tape. How does this work? The AR paper core has a blunt surface, which makes glue superfluous and at the same time gives allows residue-free unwinding of your films and foils right to the last centimetre.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic flying splice
  • Residue-free unwinding of the films and foils
Paper cores with PE, cellulose film or silicone surface

Paper cores with PE, cellulose film or silicone surface

Our paper cores with PE, cellulose film or silicone surface allow residue-free unwinding of various films and foils and adhesive tapes. While our paper cores with PE and cellulose film surface are absolutely release-coated, silicone has a release effect.  

Your benefits:

  • Residue-free unwinding
  • Total tape release
  • Optimal release effect


Our B1 paper core is ideal for start-up winding of thin foils. The spirally wound core is conditionally release coated and has a water-repellent surface.

Your benefits:

  • Conditional tape release
  • Water-repellent surface
B2-Paper cores


Whether agricultural stretch films or pond liners, whether landfill non-wovens or geo-textiles: Our B2 paper core is right for you. It is simultaneously release coated and water-repellent. A special emulsion prevents water from penetrating the paper core, which predestines it in particular for outdoor use. The emulsion B2 is solvent-free and acts completely neutral towards the rolled materials. Nothing prevents problem-free processing and disposal.

Your benefits:

  • Release coated and water-repellent
  • Solvent-free
  • Problem-free processing and disposal

The Lotos Core:
Excellent release effect guaranteed

With our Lotos core, we have developed a surface finish which has an excellent release effect and is water-repellent at the same time. Our Lotos core also allows perfect adhesion of the most demanding adhesive films at start-up winding and residue-free unwinding.






Find out more about our Lotos Core
Paper cores for agricultural stretch films

For agricultural stretch films

Our paper cores for agricultural stretch films are both water-repellent and particularly environmentally friendly. They are made entirely of renewable raw materials. Our paper cores for agricultural stretch films are available in various designs and dimensions.

Your benefits:

  • Specific types and dimensions available
  • Environmentally friendly recyclable

More information and products from our product line of paper cores for films and foils and flexible packaging can be found on the website of Paul & Co.