As a producer from the paper industry, you naturally know that your paper cores are exposed to high strains during winding, transport and storage, as well as during unwinding. Together with you we find the right paper cores for your graphic papers, packaging papers, containerboard, hygiene papers and photo and inkjet papers.

Paper cores for graphic papers

For graphic papers

Especially in newsprint, the requirements that modern rollers and fast-running printing machines place on paper cores are high. Therefore, rely on our GP Premium® series paper cores. They satisfy your requirements and are impressive thanks to the particular strength, precise dimensions and good characteristics of concentric rotation. Our paper cores are the result of intensive development work and a consistent orientation towards the technical requirements of your production.

In intensive development work we have come up with the following qualities for your areas of application:

GP Premium® 2.00 - 3.99      
GP Premium® 5.00 - 7.50      
Newsprint paper
Rotogravure and offset paper  

Your benefits:

  • Particular strengths
  • Precise dimensions
  • Good characteristics of concentric rotation
  • Different qualities available for different applications

More information about GP Premium® can be found at Paul & Co.

Paper cores for packaging papers

For packaging papers

As customers from the packaging industry, you have specific demands in respect of the quality and dimensions of the paper cores for your packaging papers. We meet these requirements with our paper cores. Choose now from our custom-made paper cores for fine papers, kraft papers, folding box boards or packaging papers. 

Your benefits:

  • Custom-made qualities
  • Individual dimensions
Paper cores for containerboard

For containerboard

For operators of corrugators, a problem-free and smooth use of paper rolls on the installations is a significant criterion when selecting the paper cores for containerboard. At Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard we always have an eye on this with our paper cores for containerboard. Which is why we consider wider paper rolls, higher roll diameters, lighter-weight papers and longer running times for the paper rolls in the corrugator when producing our paper cores. You can be confident: Our W series paper cores withstand the extreme strains on the winding core inside the paper roll.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal flow on your winder
  • Problem-free and safe use of paper rolls in corrugators
  • Withstands extreme strains
Paper cores for hygiene papers

For hygiene papers

Whether special dimensions or specific designs with mature RFID technology: At Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard we fulfil your requirements for paper cores for hygiene papers. Our paper cores for the parent rolls of hygiene papers are available in various designs. For example with internal diameters of 250 mm to 406 mm, with embossed surface or with individual optional extras.

Your benefit:

  • Specific types and special dimensions available
Paper cores for photo and inkjet papers

For photo and inkjet papers

If you have experience in printing, you know: So that photo and inkjet papers can be processed to the last metre, everything has to be right, and this starts with the paper and the paper core it is wound on. With our PZ paper cores, you can process photo and inkjet papers to the last metre. Thanks to their soft, flexible surface, the spirally wound cores prevent markings during the start-up process. This allows you to process your papers to the last metre.

Your benefits:

  • No markings during the start-up process
  • Processing to the last metre

More information and products from our product line of paper cores for paper can be found on the website of Paul & Co.