Whether on the road, on water or in the air: Your products are optimally protected everywhere with our fibre drums. Fibre drums are the ideal transport packaging for all kinds of powders and granulates. They guarantee optimum product protection in many application areas – even when transporting hazardous substances. 

Choose the fibre drums ideal for your requirements from our various types:

Cosmo Drums

  • Available in diameters of 400, 450, 500 und 560 mm
  • Capacity of 50 to 250 litres
  • Bottom and lid made of steel
  • Basic body made of kraftliner

OS - without barrier layer
MS - with vapour barrier
AS - with vapour and aroma barrier

Fiso Drums

  • Available in diameters of 253 and 314 mm
  • With a capacity of 8 to 50 litres
  • Cardboard bottom and wooden lid
  • Basic body consists of PE coated kraftliner

Our fibre drums are UN tested, approved and certified by the Swiss inspectorate of hazardous goods (Eidgenössische Gefahrgutinspekorat)  as hazardous good packaging for the storage and transport of powdery and granular substances in packaging groups II and III. We are affiliated to the European Association of Fibre Drum Manufacturers "SEFFI".