Have you chosen our products? Then you have also chosen the highest quality and delivery reliability. So that we can guarantee this, we manufacture the core board for our products in our own paper mills. Papeteries du Rhin and Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere ensure that the core board for manufacturing your paper cores is always available in the required quantity and quality.

However, quality and delivery reliability are only two advantages you profit from thanks to this close relationship. Another benefit is obvious: Our knowledge of the influence of the raw material on your paper cores flows directly into the production of the core board. So if you choose paper cores from our company, you can be confident that everything is right: From the raw material to the final product.

Paper cores for paper

For paper

Our paper cores for paper meet your requirements. This applies to paper cores for packaging papers and containerboard as well as for our paper cores for graphic papers, hygiene papers and photo and inkjet papers.

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Paper cores for textiles and non-wovens

For textiles and non-wovens

Our paper cores have excellent characteristics of concentric rotation. As a result, even extra-wide textiles can be wound on our spirally wound cores without a problem.

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Paper cores for films and foils and flexible packaging

For films and foils and flexible packaging

Whether for plastic and metal films and foils or for technical films: You are certain to find the right product from our varied range of paper cores. At Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard we have the right paper cores for all your requirements.

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Paper cores for special applications

For special applications

Whether adhesive tape rings, paper cores for raw flaky pastry or packaging strip cores, we have the right products for your special applications.

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